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tobyisbi asked:

Hi. I saw the post with the wet white pants and I really want to do this sometime in public. I have a few issues however. Firstly I'm a chicken. Secondly I don't have any white pants. Thirdly the anticipation of this sort of thing turns me on and that makes me hard and then I can't pee :(. Any suggestions?

Hello! Thanks for the message.  Lemme see…

Step 1.  Buy some white pants.

Step 2.  Drink liquids while wearing the white pants.

Step 3.  Find a public place you like.

Step 4.  Distract yourself with a laptop or a book or some other activity while you’re sitting down and DO NOT go the the restroom.

Step 5.  Nature will - eventually - run its course.

On a side note, you could try wetting yourself in a semi public place, like your back yard or something so you can get accustomed to doing it without a real chance of “getting caught”.

Bear in mind that I am - in no way - a professional on this.  I enjoy seeing the images, but haven’t done 99% of the things I post (except in my mind).



Anonymous asked:

Why don't you have more women on toilets peeing?

Great question! Thank you for the message.  When it comes to pee-play, it’s the play part of it that turns ME on.  I understand the draw of seeing someone pee since it is an intimate part of our life, but for me, I like to see an intentional, (non-degrading) sexual element to the image.

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